July 26, 2023

Our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. works closely with our patients’ family dentists to ensure that all aspects of our treatment plan for delivering a healthy, beautiful smile are covered. We recognize the importance of the role dentists play in oral care. But when it comes to the highly specialized treatment to correct a patient’s bite, straighten teeth, reposition teeth that are crowded or too far apart, or correct a misaligned bite, only an orthodontist has the advanced training and techniques to achieve long-lasting results that patients of all ages will enjoy for years to come.

Among the major differences between an orthodontist and a general (or family) dentist are education and training. While all orthodontists have graduated from dental school, only as few as six percent of all dentists are orthodontists. Orthodontic specialists must undergo years of additional education, a residency, and thousands of hours of training. All of this adds up to years of experience focused on how teeth fit, function, and of course, their appearance. An orthodontist must be certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation to carry the title of this specialty.

Your family dentist may be permitted to perform orthodontic services such as providing braces or clear aligners without the specialized training our orthodontist has received. But that does not make them an orthodontist.

We heartily endorse visiting your family dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings. If you have tooth decay and need a filling, or require a crown to improve the appearance and function of a tooth, please speak to your family dentist!

But when it comes to the highly complex processes of correcting a misaligned bite, straightening and/or repositioning teeth, and achieving the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always desired, no one has the training and techniques necessary to deliver life-changing results like our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. Please contact us today if you have questions or to schedule an evaluation.