Why Aren’t My Teeth Straight?

May 29, 2023

All humans are unique in their own ways, including the structures and placements of their teeth. Teeth can be large, medium or small, and come in a variety of shapes. They can also be aligned, somewhat aligned or even crooked. An orthodontist can give you an attraction that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. 

At the office of Cortez, CO, we pride ourselves on our impeccable skills and cutting-edge expertise. And because of our high standards, you can feel confident that we work with top-rated medical equipment and diagnostic tools that are designed for excellence. 

If you wonder what causes teeth to be awry, here are some explanations.


Ancestors can bequeath their descendants a lot, including uneven teeth, buck teeth, too many teeth, an underbite, a poorly developed palate, and the size and shape of your jaw. 


Poor oral hygiene can bring on gingivitis, which is the start of a gum disease that can lead to periodontitis. That potent type of gum infection can make your teeth wobbly, shift or come out.

Tongue thrusting

Proper swallowing involves the tongue pressing on the roof of the mouth and behind the front teeth. But if the tongue habitually presses on the front teeth, the teeth may become crooked and lead to a misaligned bite.

Losing baby teeth ahead of schedule

Having a primary tooth fall out too early might entice other teeth to move from their proper places into the vacant gaps, causing disorder when the permanent teeth erupt.

Thumb sucking

Sucking your thumb may have been soothing when you were a child, but the habit can promote crooked adult teeth.


Prolonged unhealthy diets aren’t good for your body, including your teeth. 

An orthodontist will give you treatment that, at its conclusion, will give you plenty of reasons to smile. 

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