If Your Gums Are Sore or Swollen, Here’s Why

June 27, 2023

If you have recently had braces installed, you know that the aftermath can come with side effects that bring physical discomfort. Irritated or swollen gums are among them. Some of the reasons for irritated gums are cause for concern, while others aren’t. We will explain the difference. 

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Braces use constant, continuous pressure to move your teeth, which could make your gums sore or distended. This is especially true in adults, whose gums and jawbone are, unlike those of children, not highly pliable. It’s quite normal a day or two after an orthodontist has made one of his (or her) periodic adjustments to your braces. The irritation will go away when your braces are taken off for good. 

Gum disease can crop up when bits of food and other debris get wedged in the teeny crannies that braces create around your teeth. The food becomes plaque, which, if not regularly removed, ups the chance of the gum disease gingivitis, which makes the gums red, swollen and perhaps a bit bloody. Gingival enlargement—the abnormal overgrowth of gum tissues—can also be triggered by plaque, though the condition is usually caused by hereditary or medicinal reasons. 

While it’s not common for women to choose to start orthodontic treatment while pregnant, those who do start it might acquire a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. It’s due to the drastic changes in their hormones. If you are one of those women, it’s crucial that you notify your orthodontist, who will tell you how to inhibit pregnancy gingivitis. 

If your gums start to swell, tell your orthodontist. He will ameliorate the problem or give you the 411 on at-home remedies. Gargling with salt water is effective, as is a stepped-up oral hygiene regime. 

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