Dr. Dan Burstein was born in Santiago, Chile. We asked Dr. B to share a fun fact about Chile…. The world’s most powerful earthquake, a 9.5, struck Chile the same year he was born!

Inspired by his older brother’s career as a craniofacial surgeon, who worked with cleft lip and palate kids, Dr. B started his orthodontics journey at the University of California, San Francisco Dental School.

Dr. B has created 1000’s of smiles in his successful practice located in Atlanta, Georgia. Real quote from one of his patients: “Three of my kids have had braces with Dr. Burstein and we have had a fantastic experience each time. Dr. Burstein is knowledgeable and friendly. He has a way of putting the kids at ease.”

The Burstein Kids (Sam 25, Jake and Josh 23, identical twins) now grown, Dr. B and his wife Yo, of 30 years are on their next adventure here in Colorado!

Cool and interesting fact about Dr. B – he is an ultra runner and is on #10 of completing 31-100 mile foot races! That is amazing, let’s cheer him on to his success! Also a dog lover, he has 3 dogs that are his running buddies – Maggie, Stover, and Lucky!

Dr. Burstein specializes in Invisalign, traditional, and self-ligating braces.

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