Dr. Mark Kurchak

Orthodontic Office in Yuma AZ

We are excited to have him and his wonderful family join ours!

My wife Elena and I have two wonderful children. Angelique is 3 years old and Jonathan is 8 months old. We used to have hobbies of skiing, tennis, hiking and astronomy. Now our hobbies have changed to playing hide-and-seek, finger painting and exploring new children’s playgrounds. If you have a three year old and want to join us in fun on the playground, call us!


Dr. Mark Kurchak was born in Chicago and is a pastor’s son. His family moved to Geneva, Wisconsin for his Dad’s first church, then on to Milwaukee and West Allis. When Mark was 12, his family moved to Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado in Molecular Biology, then dental and orthodontic school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He is board certified in orthodontics and is passionate about helping give patients a really wonderful smile that will make them grin from ear-to-ear. There is nothing better than helping others improve their lives. Dr. Kurchak comes to us with 28+ years of experience and is looking forward to exceeding your expectations in giving you a warm smile to share with others.

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