August 15, 2023

The efficiency with which your lower and upper jaws meet is crucial to oral health. A bad bite (malocclusion) is when the uppers and lowers come together incorrectly or not at all. There are six main kinds of bite problems. Without orthodontic treatment, they’ll get worse. Early intervention—while a child is still growing—is best.

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Posterior or anterior crossbite: The upper teeth, a single tooth or a group of teeth sit inside the lower teeth. The tooth/teeth or whole jawbone is misaligned. Posterior means that the back teeth are affected and the upper teeth are to the inside of the bottom teeth. Anterior means that the front top teeth are behind the bottom teeth.
The fallout: The errant jaw shifts to one side; the jaw grows crooked; eroded enamel.

Underbite: The lower jaw lies in front of the upper one.
The fallout: The mouth resembles that of a bulldog; teeth get worn down; jaw joints are stressed.

Anterior or posterior bite: Anteriors are when the back teeth meet but the front teeth don’t. Posteriors are the opposites of anteriors.
The fallout: The tongue creates ingesting problems when it pushes through and/or against teeth while swallowing; possible speech impediments.

Deep bite: The upper front teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth.
The fallout: Top teeth can puncture lower gums and bottom teeth can puncture the roof of the mouth, both creating potential gum disease.

Crowding: The teeth don’t have adequate space because they’re too big and/or the jaw isn’t big enough.
The fallout: The teeth and gums are difficult to clean thoroughly because the teeth overlap and/or face in the incorrect direction, which can bring on cavities and gum disease.

Buck front teeth
The fallout: Upper teeth are prone to breaking; it’s hard to comfortably close the mouth and lips.

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