August 15, 2023

Young children’s teeth shift and grow frequently. While most orthodontic problems can be treated in one phase, your child might need orthodontic therapy in two phases. A pedodontist (a pediatric dentist) will be able to determine if two phases are necessary.

At the office of Ortho Inc., our professional team is committed to pediatric oral health. We consider your child’s point of view and use patience and compassion during each visit. We want to play an active role in helping your child maintain healthy teeth at every stage of his/her development.

The first phase frequently begins in patients ages 8 and under, when their teeth and jaw are in significant growth periods. The initial cycle can also start with kids who are in the mixed dentition stage, which means that both their primary teeth (usually erupted by around age 3) and permanent teeth (they start replacing the primaries at ages 6 and 7) have erupted.

A pedodontist will discern if your child’s jaw is growing too quickly or if it’s too narrow. The pedodontist will then judge if your child will need early orthodontic treatment, which can thwart the future need for jaw surgery and/or the extraction of permanent teeth. If your child will need early orthodontic treatment, you will take him (or her) to a consultation with an orthodontist, who will explain each step of the process and answer all of your and your child’s questions.

During the second phase, the unaligned teeth will be adjusted usually with full upper and lower braces worn for an average of two years. The orthodontist’s ultimate goal is to ensure that each tooth is in its correct place and that the mouth performs as it should.

Children should start seeing a pedodontist shortly after they have reached their first birthday. That’s when the pediatric dentist will start examining her/his teeth and jaw to determine if she/he may need two-phase orthodontics. Orthodontic issues that aren’t treated until Phase 2 can be much harder to fix.

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