October 26, 2023

If you take meticulous care of your teeth when you’re not wearing braces, it’s even more important to practice excellent oral health when you are wearing braces. Bacteria lurk in your mouth. Their fusion with proteins and food particles results in the formation of dental plaque. This sticky film covers your teeth, penetrates your gum line and attaches itself to braces. When plaque sits there long enough, it hardens into tartar. The last thing you want is gum disease to jeopardize the mission of your braces. However, dedicated removal of plaque and tartar plays a large role in discouraging gum disease and the loss of teeth. 

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The best way to avoid tartar is to stop it before it starts. Here are some tips that will help you fight its formation. 

  • Brush twice a day and for two minutes each time. A quick once-over isn’t enough. Use a brush with soft bristles, and don’t gloss over any nooks or crannies, which, when wearing braces, are aplenty. 
  • If you use toothbrushes that are powered by electricity or batteries, make sure that it’s marked by the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval. 
  • Use tartar-control toothpaste. 
  • Commit to flossing at least once a day. If you don’t include thorough flossing in your oral hygiene routine, tartar is likely to show up. 
  • Rinse daily with an antiseptic mouthwash. It will help destroy bacteria that instigate plaque. 
  • Watch what you eat. Oral bacteria flourish on foods that contain sugar and starch. Combining them releases destructive acids. 
  • If you’re a smoker or vaper, kick the habit. Cigarettes and vaping products contribute to the formation of tartar. 
  • Most importantly, see your general dentist for a professional cleaning every four to six months. Only he (or she) can thoroughly rid your teeth of tartar. 

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