November 23, 2023

So you’re sporting metal or clear braces and feel self-conscious about them. Don’t be! With an estimated 50 to 70 percentof other kids wearing them, you’re in good company! 

An orthodontist is a specialist in properly aligned teeth and has the skills and experience to give patients of all ages highly attractive smiles. At the office of Ortho Inc, our skilled professionals are experts in orthodontic techniques and offer the latest in treatments and patient education.

Instead of feeling insecure, consider the following reasons to embrace and be happy about your braces.

They show that you’re taking the initiative to improve your smile and oral health. People realize that you’re aware of your need for corrective orthodontics and are doing something about it. You are resourceful! 

Focus on the fact that you’re improving your teeth. Braces correct crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and other alignment problems that will likely lead to more significant dental issues down the road. 

Your braces are temporary! You’ll wear them for a while—as long as an orthodontist deems necessary—and then be free of them. OK, so you may have to use a retainer, but that’s no big deal. Your braces are an investment that will last the rest of your life. 

Braces can help you make friends with others who wear them. It’s a shared situation that can create a sense of camaraderie. You can compare your experiences with other wearers—and even swap stories about your triumphs and tribulations. 

Braces’ brackets and ligatures (the rubber bands interwoven into each bracket) come in a wide variety of colors. And with some bands being changed about every four to six weeks, you can choose your colors throughout your treatment. Experiment, get creative and make bold fashion statements!

Focus on the long-term benefits and positive changes your braces are bringing rather than being self-consciousness!

The office of Ortho Inc. examines every aspect of each patient’s dental alignment and discusses with them their treatment options. We are at the forefront of advances in orthodontic care. We offer effective solutions to improve the look, feel and function of your teeth. Please don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.