February 24, 2024

It used to be that only kids from ages 9 to 14 got braces to straighten their teeth. But times have changed. With appliances now being significantly more comfortable and cosmetically friendly than the day when the infamous “train tracks” were the norm, adults also feel free to enjoy the benefits of today’s teeth-straightening methods.

At the office of Ortho Inc, we utilize a variety of state-of-the-art techniques and appliances that are at the forefront of orthodontic care to make your treatment more effective. These advances offer a host of patient benefits that include less discomfort, fewer maintenance visits and shortened overall treatment time.

Our choices include braces made of:

  • high-grade stainless steel. They are small, and more comfortable and attractive.
  • They’re cosmetically appealing because their color blends with the color of the teeth.
  • Self-ligating: Instead of requiring ties or bands, they use a mechanism that allows arch wires to easily slide back and forth.

And then there’s Invisalign®:Because they use a series of clear, customized and removable appliances, they are virtually undetectable and particularly popular with adults.

Caring for Braces

Because food easily gets stuck in braces that have wires, wearers must work extra hard to keep their teeth clean. Brushing after meals is essential, as are daily flossing (an orthodontist can provide a special flosser specifically designed for use) and a dental irrigator. Regular dental cleanings and checkups to look for cavities are also a must. To discourage tooth decay, avoid popcorn, gum, hard and sticky candy, and sugary sodas and juices.

Consult with an orthodontist immediately if you or your child has a loose wire or bracket, or if a wire that is poking the gums or other spots in the mouth. If the orthodontist sees no problem, placing soft orthodontic wax on the braces where they’re causing discomfort is extremely helpful.

At the office of Ortho Inc, our skilled and compassionate team of professionals is committed to offering the highest-quality care that will do wonders for your smile and your overall oral health. For more information about services, call us today!