Closing That Gap May Be The Key To Optimal Oral Health

December 29, 2023

The space or gap between your front teeth? Our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. refers to this as a diastema, a word whose roots stretch back to ancient Latin and Greek, but one that today’s techniques allow us to treat successfully. And there’s good reason to do so, because that space may be creating more than just a cosmetic concern, as we shall outline.

First, what causes a space between the front teeth to develop? Crowding of the teeth or unbalanced jaws, inflammation from gum disease, and the pressure of the tongue pushing against the teeth during swallowing, can all cause those front incisors to start drawing apart. Thumb-sucking can push the teeth apart, and genetics, which largely determine the size and shape of your teeth and jawbone, is a key determinant. 

This gap is commonly found among children whose teeth are still developing and may be gone once their adult teeth show up. Some adults may even consider the space a fashionable characteristic or a sign of good luck. But in many cases, this separation can leave space for trouble to creep in. These spaces can make it more difficult to clean the teeth, leading to a buildup of plaque — that sticky film that causes tooth decay and bad breath. The gums may become exposed to inflammation and infection.

Our state-of-the-art orthodontic practice at Ortho Inc. boasts more options than ever for correcting a diastema while creating a smile that not only looks great but feels comfortable at mealtime and when speaking. Braces — whether of the traditional metal variety, those that come in tooth-colored ceramic shades, or lingual braces that hide behind the teeth — are among the options that deliver optimal results to people of all ages.

If you have concerns about that space between your front teeth, or other related questions about your bite, why not make space in your schedule for a consultation with our orthodontist? Please contact our office today!