July 26, 2023

To loosely paraphrase the opening lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s timeless poem: Why do I love your smile? Let me count the ways. Our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. delivers results that are worthy of such veneration for patients of all ages — some of which extend way beneath the surface.

We can, of course, go on at length about the health benefits of a superbly straightened set of teeth and a properly aligned bite and jaw, which make eating, speaking and even breathing immensely pleasurable. 

But we would be remiss if we didn’t delve into the intangible benefits of our state-of-the-art practice with its many treatment options. A smile triggers a complex set of emotions that affect our own moods and the moods of those around us. Even a spontaneous smile exchanged in passing can be a mood elevator. Smiling is also good for firming facial muscles and increasing blood flow to the face.

And then there’s what a smile means to our self-confidence. Smiling at key moments such as a job interview or a public speaking engagement will simultaneously cast off your anxiety and project an image of self-assuredness that lights up the room. It’s equally powerful when displaying a bright smile on a date or when posing for a selfie.

If you have been hiding your smile behind a hand or pursed lips, you’ll be glad to know that advances in orthodontics now offer more ways than ever to achieve the smile you desire. And not just for teens — adults now comprise a large percentage of our patients. No matter your age, we have treatment options that deliver results you’ll be proud to show the world. From braces that are far less detectable, to clear aligners, today’s technology and techniques will surprise you.

At Ortho Inc. we pair cutting-edge advances with a timeless tradition of personal care and service that set us apart. Please contact us today for a consultation!