February 22, 2024

The internet is a useful tool for learning a new skill, like how to tackle a challenging home improvement project, or a do-it-yourself car repair job. And the web is great for all sorts of online shopping purposes. There are, however, some things that should not be done virtually. And orthodontic care is one of them.

If you are considering options for straightening your teeth or aligning your bite and jaw, trust the orthodontic specialists at Ortho Inc. The advanced training our staff has received means we can deliver in-person treatment that is customized for each patient, derived from a comprehensive evaluation process that cannot be duplicated by an online service. The intricate biological process of repositioning a patient’s teeth is one that is optimally handled in a modern, well-equipped office like ours. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing the right orthodontic treatment for each patient; there is no quick fix to correcting a problem that may have taken years to develop.

There are many direct-to-consumer orthodontic services on the Internet, but without an in-person evaluation and ongoing care delivered by a trained orthodontist, a patient stands to lose money and time at the very least — and potentially risks doing irreversible damage to their teeth, bite and gums. The process of repositioning teeth is a delicate one that requires the expertise and attention that only an orthodontist possesses. The years of education and training beyond basic dental school that we have received simply are not qualities that can be reproduced at home.

If you desire a smile that will feel comfortable and look great for years to come, trust the orthodontic specialists at Ortho Inc to deliver the modern, comfortable treatment option that’s right for you. Our friendly, attentive staff provides care that is second to none — care that you just can’t get over the internet. Please contact our office today to learn more about our services.